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James, Strangely enough I happen to love Mothers! I know its one of those places you either love or hate and Mothers was there for me when I was young, dumb, and broke (in the 80's). Basically I got a wild hair, jumped on the train to NOLA, when I got there I discovered all the wonders of Mardi Gras, spent most of my money, but ended up extending my trip by several days by economizing (eating at Mother's) I can still taste that shrimp etouffee omelette OMG, that wasn't nothing but good! I actually sat in with the band at Crescent City and made a couple of bucks. My mom's drummer's brother was playing at Snug Harbor, so I got to see him and one of the Marsellis fellas play there one night. I have a very, very warm spot in my heart for Dixieland Jazz and NOLA, aww hell and even Mothers. I still remember walking in there and this little woman with a huge shrill voice starts yelling at me. OK Baby, what you wanna order?, OK Baby you sit right down and we'll call you when its ready. OK Baby, come and get it! It was so fun. I wish I was young again and knew then, what I know now.
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