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Well. lets see--- in my mid-sized city in ' 06 we had well over 100 armed robberies, burglaries too many to even try to mention, vandalism crimes by the score, drug bust's by the dozens, a couple dozen rapes, several children killed by various means. --- not to even mention the murders--- the list could go on and on.
One mid-sized city--no public cry of alarm-- no press except for local news giving it a ho-hum mention--- BUT-- if a drunk chooses to walk the balcony rail on a cruise ship and flops his arse overboard---well now, that's just a different story alltogether.
I don't know what is considered " LOTS " but considering the fact that approx.12 million people cruised last year and that there were a small
handful out of this approx. 12 million that had a problem and too, considering that almost all of those that had a problem involved drunken idiotic behavior, then I would think your odds of having a problem would be very small. Better to worry about what might happen to you on the way to and from the grocery, mall, work, etc. than worry about a cruise.
Happy sails.
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