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Originally Posted by honeywell
I just got a new reply from a new casino host (other than the one I heard from initially) saying, good, see you there, be sure to play in our slot/bj tournaments.

I"ve really gotta up my bankroll this trip!!!

Did your response come from Scott? I got an email from him last night but I can't see it right now (the nerve of my job place to block me from AOL!!). I'll try to post it tonite when I get home...

I also found out that when you click the button for Liberty & Legend Casino Host, well guess what??? ... it goes right to the OPC Mail because those two ships don't have the link set-up for email thru that site!!! The reason I know this is because I emailed both the ship and OPC and got a response for both but from the same exact person!!! So, I called Dena last night (the Rep who answered both of my emails) who told me she would forward my email to the ship and then Scott emailed me late last night....

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