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Oh goody, we're talking about my favoritest thing - FREE cruising!

You get 1 point for every $33 you spend, unless it is with NCL then you get 1 point per $25.

Certificates can be used with any TA, online company or NCL direct. They are treated as gift certificates. No strings attached. (unlike some of the other cruise lines' programs). They can be used on any cruise.

There is no limit to the number of certificates you can use per cruise. I just paid for a $6500 Alaska cruise with certificates.

Certificates actually take 2-3 weeks to receive, even though they say 6 - 8.

You can only get 1,000 points per year. It is not a calendar year, but your 12 month cycle.

You can have multiple cards - I have 6.

Points are good for 3 years but certificates are good for one year and must not expire prior to sailing. Not booking - sailing!

You can use them toward your cruise even if you've already made final payment. The $ charged to your CC for the cruise is credited back.

Wait til you've got 500 points, the upgrades are not worth it.

They only come in one denomination - 500 points.

Be sure to keep photocopies of both sides when you send them in.

Be sure to send them by trackable mail, FedEx, etc.

You can send them either to your TA or NCL direct. Ask your TA which he prefers and let him know how much credit you've sent in, in the event he wants you to mail them direct.

They are non-transferable. They must be used on a cabin with your name on it, or the name of any authorized user on the card.

If you need two cabins, put your name on one and your spouse's on the other. It's easy to straighten out on board.

They can be used toward an entire package (air, hotel, cruise) but not toward on board expenses. Rats!

I've done 6 or 7 cruises free or almost so with the certificates and it's a terrific program.

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