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iprefer the old days of cruising where you gave your dining room waiters an envelope and thanked them for a job well done and this was by far more personable than what is happening today.It would be my guess that when Holland did not require tipping that most folks who were previous cruisers made a real effort to reward the excellent service provided by an outstanding staff.Those who stiffed the waiters on the last nite by not showing up for dinner do the same type thing in shore restaurants and are only on the cruise because of some last minute deal and believe me I have seen this type having cruised since the 50,s out of Miami.Am sure Hiolland is attempting to eliminate a lot of this proceedure however these people will still go to the pursers desk and remove the auto tip sometime toward the end of the cruise and believe me when they will come up with in their mind a reason for so doing.Am not sure what the compromise should be however do feel that tipping is here to stay as in most service businesses on land.
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