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Wow, I won't try to compete with that last list, it would take me a week to read all of it. They must not have a 50 lb limit on their airline. Thats how I pack when I drive somewhere!

We have been to Alaska twice with at least a week each time touring on our own plus week southbound cruise from Anc to Vanc. Your level of warm clothes depends on your nature and what you are used to. I tend to run hot and I took a couple of long sleeves, a sweater, light rain windbreaker and a lightly lined jacket. Everytime I wore the heavier jacket I ended up taking it off as I got hot inside the ship or buildings or tours. It would come in handy at the glaciers. My wife wore long sleeves, a sweater or sweatshirt and a lined jacket and was not hot. But then she has no padding.

For shoes, I take tennis shoes and light weight hiking shoes (heavy tennis shoes). I spray both as well as my hats with waterproofing spray and had no problem You might want something for your ears for glaciers, ie, hood, hat or ear covers.
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