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I have stopped the auto tip twice because I just don't see most of the people I am tipping. I have had 16 HAL cruises and once again only done this twice. I do not do the dress up thing and go to the big dining room. In fact I don't even eat dinner. I like to eat a late lunch and be done with it. It helps maintain my lovely figure. When I do remove the auto tip, I don't do it until the last night, then I don't get any flack from anyone. I did however, once upon a time, get a letter from HAL asking that I don't do that again. I only did it because I felt I was tipping people I never see. ON the other hand, on those two ocassions, I tipped very nicely my cabin steward and several others whom I felt deserved extra. Do you really think they take those tips and share? I wonder. Anyhow, I probably won't do it again. This is just my experience with the whole matter.
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