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Originally Posted by FLLP
Do you really think they take those tips and share? I wonder. Anyhow, I probably won't do it again. This is just my experience with the whole matter.
From what I understand ... if you remove auto-tip and your cabin steward gets caught keeping your cash tip, he would be fired ... not to mention getting a lot of flak from his co-workers for trying to "cheat" them. HAL's "party line" about the auto-tip is that those behind the scenes people included in the pool are ones who help the front line service people to do their jobs. Yes, you only see your cabin steward, but he has a lot of folks in the laundry room helping him to do his job by making sure fresh linens and towels are all ready when he services your room. Your waiter in the dining room has a lot of behind-the-scenes help in the kitchen. You may never see them, but if they weren't there, he couldn't give you great service at your table.

At least this is the reasoning HAL uses for why there are others who share in the auto-tip that you never see.

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