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OK I purchased a $25.00 dollar gift certificate for my sister for her birthday and did what SJ said to do with putting the on board credit on the address line. Now I wonder if she got credited with the gift as the email I received was nothing like SJ said it would be. All it said was it went through on my credit card.
I was also alittle disappointed today I called the Gift telephone line to make sure my credit was given to me and the rep refused to speak to me. He said you did not book directly with Carnival did you. I said I did not buy these gift certificates through a travel agency I purchased them online by myself. I said you don't get it this is done by oneself online and it doesn't matter who you book it with you pay for them yourself. I finally talked him into checking my on board credit but he made me give him each and every number of the certificate. Thinking about it now he didn't ask me my name only asked my booking number. I told the dude I booked online & don't get to talk to a rep from any travel agency. It was alot of trouble and took up my whole lunch time today. Why he just didn't look up my name and tell me whether my on board credit was done for me.

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