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Originally Posted by Kathleen Templeton
Living seas at Epcot is nothing conpared to this. The Dig will take a little over an hour to see and that is with a fast tour guide.
They dont have a Manatee like the living seas, ut many fish that are local to the Bahamas. I like the part wher eyou go down some stairs out near the pool sunder a small foos stand to fins more agressive type fish,

Sea World is totally different type of place. I do not consider it an aquarium. It has shows and such. No sea lions or penguins in the Bahamas. So it is really hard to compare the two. Sea World is billed as an amusement park, the Dig is an aquarium.
It would be like comparing apples to oranges in my opinion.

Each place ha sit's strong points for what it is themed to be.

I guess I didn't really follow. The Dig is much better then the living seas? Better then the shark tanks etc at Sea World?

Sorry I just wanted to make sure I understand.



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