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We travelled to naussau and really enjoyed the dolphin swim.
It was quite pricey but overal it was a nice experience. We booked it thru cruiseline and it we walked very little and hopped on a small boat that brought us tto the place. We travelled in april of 04 and they first brief you on the history of the dolphins and how to keep them from being extinct. Then we were brought in the water and were shown how the dolphins perform and then we actually got to pet them touch their fins and kiss them. My boy was 5 and was a little intimitated but the dolphins were just beautiful. I also was 5 months pregnant. The water where they have your group gather is under a covered canopy. Needless to say the water was pretty cold even for the bahamas so be prepared. Although I could not participate in the actual swim with the dolphins( extra money of course) due to the pregnancy it was an experience we could cherish forever. They videotape your group for a fee of course and photos are also taken you can buy. They allowed us to take pictures of the dolphins and were pretty accomodating as we asked before we did so. Overal it was very expensive and it litterally took most of our time off shore. We didnt see much of naussau and really just had enough time to get on the ship. I think its great because if you want to be close and touch them you get the chance and if you want to really swim with them you do pay an addiional fee and most cruisers were pretty happy just doing what we did. Infact there was a mom and her son who was blind that made me smile. The happiness and joy you saw on his young face was just amazing and I was touched by how amazing that family was. I will forever remember that family and really made my heart happy to see that little boy smile so big. Hope you enjoy your cruise whatever you choose.
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