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Default Re: Eastern Mediterranean Cruise


Originally Posted by You
Has anyone taking the Eastern Mediterrean cruise on Splender of the Seas? It yes, what excursions do you recommend? My teenage boys and I are new to cruising--I have never been. Would love to hear what more experienced people recommend. Thanks.
I have not been on that ship, but I have been to several ports of call in the eastern Mediterranean and look forward to returning there later this year.

The first thing to be aware is that cruises to Europe are very different than cruises to the Caribbean, to the Mexican Riviera, or to other tropical destinations The primary attractions in most European ports of call are history, art, architecture, culture, and cuisine, and most European ports of call are so rich in these attractions that shore excursoins are "all day" affairs with a lunch of local cuisine. These excursions are not exactly inexpensive, but they are the best way to experience as much of the destination cities as possible in the time that you have available. Many of the attractions will have long lines awaiting admission (two to three huurs is tyipcal during the peak season), but the shore excursions have reserved group tours so they enter when they arrive with no more than about a five minute wait. If you try to see the same attractions on your own, you will spend over half of your time waiting in lines in many of the destianation cities.

As to specific ports of call, I c an only speak to ports I have visited that may or may not be on your itinerary.

>> Istanbul is an amazig city. It's thoroughly modern, but steeped in history, with a blending of many cultures. Be sure to take a shore excursion that visit the Hippodrome, Haggia Sophia (now a museum), the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Plaace. IIRC, the full day tour adds lunch and a visit to the grand bazaar t the mix.

>> Kusadasi (pronounced "KUSH-ah dah-see" meaning "bird island") is now te port for []Ephesus[/b]. Be sure to take the walking tour of the ruins of ancient Ephesus. There's also a bazaar right at the end of the pier in Kusadasi.

>> Pireaus is the gateway to Athens, another city rich in history, art, and architecutre. A shore excursion that visits the Acropolis is a must.

>> If your cruise stops in Naples, b sure to do the shore excursion that speds a full day on the isle of Capri -- and be sure to watch the dmonstration of the wood inlay game table at the "department store" in the town of Anacapri!

Have a great cruise!

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