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Many years ago we missed a cruise even though we were flying down the day before the cruise. The reason was partly due to an ice/snow storm the previous day, but mainly because they had run out of de-icing fluid at the airport.

The flights that left between 7 & 9am, were so heavily encrusted with ice that they had to use about 6 times the normal amount so that by the time our flight was scheduled to go at 11am there wasn't any de-icing fluid.

The annoying part of this whole fiasco was that we were in the boarding area and they didn't announce the cancellation of our flight until about 20 minutes before we were to leave. :evil:

Because the airline wouldn't/couldn't confirm a seat for us the next day on an early flight, we cancelled. Fortunately we had insurance and it paid for the cost of the cruise and the flight.

Always pays to get insurance.
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