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Originally Posted by Toley
So somehow the rep (she was wonderful) got us on a plane to Detroit (yes, Detroit) to go to Florida. When we finally got to Ft. Lauderdale, a HAL rep met us and immediately called the ship's Captain. She rushed us onto a bus, just us. We arrived at the terminal and were whisked through security, etc.. No other passengers were there since we arrived two hours after the ship was supposed to sail! They rushed us through the crew fancy entrance for us. We were just thrilled to be aboard! In this case, thank heavens we booked the flight through HAL!
And on the cruise I missed, the exact opposite happened ... because we did not book through HAL. There were six of us on the delayed flight that were supposed to sail the Rotterdam. When we called that HAL flight services number, which the brochure tells everyone to call if there are flight delays, the first question the woman asked us was if we had booked our air through HAL. When we told her no, she didn't even want to be bothered with us. The airline also wasn't going to do anything special to help us. We were stranded right along with everyone else on the flight.

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale at about 5:15 or so. We honestly thought HAL was gonna hold the ship ... especially if the airplane captain got on the intercom after we were finally on our way to tell us that he had been in radio contact with HAL and that they were gonna have a rep at the gate to meet our flight. Of course, we all assumed that since there were six of us, two part of a large group attending a writer's conference onboard, that HAL was gonna work with us. Well, yes ... there was a HAL rep at the gate ... but he was only there to tell all of us that the ship had sailed on time and we had missed it.

I'm sure things would have been different if we had all booked HAL air ... or if at least some of us did.

Blue skies ...

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