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Originally Posted by Toley
How horrible to have a HAL rep waiting and then find the ship had sailed. When we had that experience, we thought we'd be able to catch the ship in Key West, but found it would have been Cozumel since no one can board in Key West. That would have been three days into a seven day cruise. We felt very fortunate.
I wonder why no one can board in Key West? I've heard that before, but thought it was wrong. Is there a reason for that?

Yeah, kinda sucks to miss about half the cruise. In my case, it was a ten-day cruise that I missed the first three days of. But still ... that was a lot ... especially since this was a writer's retreat at sea and those first two days were sea days. I missed a lot of sessions since most were held on sea days, and also was way behind in the work I had to do to catch up. So, even once I boarded, I wound up spending extra time in my cabin over the next week preparing all the assignments that I didn't do those first three days.

HAL was pretty nice about it once I got onboard, though. Since I missed our group's cocktail party, they sent me an invitation to the Captain's VIP party to make up for that.

Blue skies ...

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