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Doreen ,

Originally Posted by You
Hi all. Is the dress code for dinner on the Galaxy as structured as it sounds? We are leaving on Monday for an 11 night cruise from San Juan to the southern Caribbean. Would really appreciate some help, as I have to start packing.
I second Don's answer. On Celebrity, the best advice is to take the suggested attire literally and err on the side of overdressing if in doubt.

I posted separate packing lists for gents and for ladies for a fourteen night Celebrity cruise, along with a lot of pointers, in the first post in this thread over on the "Cruise Dress and Packing" board. You'll need to adjust the quantites, which should be quite easy. If you change all of the 15's to 12's (unless you need more "casual" outfits for a hotel stay before or after your cruise) and the 4's to 3's on the "informal" attire, it should be about right. Of course, you also might want to make some of the other adjustments identified in my notes depending upon your plans for activities during the cruise.

I did your itinerary aboard MV Galaxy last January. She is in great shape, and all of the ports of call are fantastic! The only deficiency proved to be a shortage of days at sea. And in case somebody has not tipped you off, be sure to stock up on spices while you are in Grenada! They are quite reasonable. If you go to the far end of the mall by the new cruise ship pier, there are small booths where prices are lower than in the shops and you can negotiate discounts with the venders. They are quite willing to come down, especially if you are buying several jars of spices.

Have a fantastic cruise!

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