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Originally Posted by Rev22:17

>> Your best chance to see whales is on a cruise that crosses the Gulf of Alaska, as it gets into more open water. Be out on deck watching for spouts while the ship is crossing the gulf. On many ships, the naturalist also will make an announcement telling passengers where to look when they spot a whale from the bridge. Some of the ports of call also offer whalewatching tours, but there's no guarantee of sightings.

This is NOT correct. The Gulf of Alaska is a POOR area to consider whale watching. The whales are not in more "open" water. They are where the food is. Prime whale watching from a cruise ship- several hours outside of Juneau. Several hours prior to Glacier Bay, if coming from Juneau or Skagway. Outside of Hoonah- after, if you came from Skagway or Juneau. Snow Passage- north of Ketchikan- ask the bridge if sailing this route. Dixon Passage- south of Ketchikan. All above for humpbacks
For orcas- Alert Bay, southbound inside Vancouver Island, northbound, be up before dawn - but likely already past the area.

Whale watches have 99.9% success for humpback viewing out of Juneau and Hoonah.

Proper attire, wide angle binoculars and time invested are necessary.
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