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Default Re: tip, or not to tip?

I agree, the Porters at Miami are awfully agressive. We even saw one porter chasing this young couple and yelling that he needed his tip. I felt bad for them as it was probably their honeymoon or their first cruise and they were not expecting this confrontation. We always just wad up some dollar bills (try to make it one for every bag) and put it in the porters hands when he walks up. When we disembark we try to carry our bags out of the terminal to the cab area. I think we can get our bags to the cabs seeing as how we got them all the way from home to the terminal in the first place. When we were leaving Miami a porter started grabbing all of our bags and started walking over to one of the shuttle buses, we had to stop him before he loaded them on the bus and we just started to take them off his little wagon and walked away. One of my soft sided suitcases was ripped because he had so much packed on top of it the edge of the wagon tore the bag. (It was an L shaped tear) When you arrive though, they kind of have you because they are the ones who take them to the ship. I don't mind tipping, it is just irratating how rude they are, I guess maybe they don't have to many to answer to do they? We always try to tip the guys who bring our bags to our room also, afterall they are probably the ones who are just working their way up to room steward or something and probably don't get tips. Happy Sailing
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