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Originally Posted by Toley
I have no idea why no one can board in Key West. I wouldn't have known if we hadn't been in that situation, but now I can't remember who told us. Someone must know why.
Yeah, I cut it close on one Celebrity cruise that had Key West as it's first port of call ... on the second day of the cruise. I remember telling a friend ... "no biggie, if I miss the ship, I'll just head down to Key West and pick it up there." This friend then "busted my bubble" by telling me that people couldn't board the ship in Key West. Something having to do with it being a domestic port.

Makes no sense to me, though. If you missed the ship in a domestic port, why couldn't you pick it up at the next one? Of course, you'd have to be onboard when it docked at a foreign port, but as long as you were, I don't understand why boarding in Key West would be a Jones Act violation?

Anyone else have any insight into this?

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