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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
What you have to remember is that what some see as cruising with a choice ie do I go Costa, RCCL, P&O, Celebrity, Princess etc.

They are all owned by Carnival, so they are bulk market with a company board directed towards bulk.
Just a quibble. Celebrity is owned by RCCL and P & O and Princess are owned by Carnival, but RCCL and Celebrity are not owned by Carnival. They are mortal enemies. That said, your point stands. They are both major corporations with their eyes on the money and the mass market crowd, so, with minor deviations, they offer the same sort of mass market product.

Interestingly, though, I think the RCCL vs. Carnival corporate battle is the main reason for the continuing upward spiral in mega ship size. Each is trying to outdo the next. I'm glad the mega ships are there, as there are many people who love them, but I would love to see some new ships, smaller than the current megaships, but with the same sorts of technical advancements and activities.
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