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Originally Posted by mrspooh
Hi, Waterbaby - Hope you are sailing on the Jewel April 21 from Miami; we are and would hope to meet you. Re excursions in Rome: Ship docks in Civitivecchia Train is the fastest (about 1.5 hrs) and cheapest (about $10-15 RT) way to get to Rome; driving to Rome is often very slow due to heavy traffic. Train station in Civ is about 6-7 blocks from the dock, an easy, level walk. If you want a guide in Rome, you may want to consider hiring one that would meet you at the Stazione Termini. If you decide to sightsee on your own, check out some good guidebooks from your local library; choose the ones that have good map(s) including the subway and bus routes. At the Staz Term you can catch on/off tour buses with taped/earphone commentaries; three separate routes, I think, at about $15-20 per person. ---- We are continuing the cruise on to Istanbul, getting excited about our journey. Naples is the stop for the Pompei excursion, as you have probably already found out. If I can help with any additional info let me know by email at LLOUTRACY@YAHOO.COM..

Mrs. Pooh
Hi Mrs. Pooh I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond. Have had some busy weeks. Appreciate all the info you gave me. Our group has hired a tour for Rome...all booked and ready to pick us up at the ship. Haven't decided yet about the Naples tours. Have you been to Istanbul before? We were there on a previous cruise and bought leather coats. It was quite interesting bargaining for them...I don't really care to do that. The Grand Bazaar was soooo huge! Thank heavens , I didn't get separated from my husband or I would have had a nervous breakdown!!!!! Kusadasi is a beautiful port though. Getting excited too. Look forward to seeing you! Cheryl
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