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Default Re: Bonine - Sea Sickness Medicine

Originally Posted by dhornick
This is a pretty technical question regarding medicines for seasickness. I've read the hundreds of thousands of entries regarding the subject and pretty much decided to go with Bonine. I asked my Doctor to write a prescription for which he wrote one for "Meclizine Chew Tabs 25mg". First, I'm assuming this is in the Bonine family of medicines and secondly now I'm told that my insurance does not cover Meclizine. So.... Does anyone have any specific information on the actual medicine name of the Bonine that you have taken in the past so I can check my insurance list and see which ones they do cover?
Bonine is Meclizine so they are one and the same. You can buy OTC in the 25 mg. dose chewable tab, same as the Rx - do not need a Rx, but your doctor probably gave you one because you asked for it and assumed that your insurance would then cover it. We have also found that the free motion sickness pills that you can get from the purser's desk on some of the cruiselines are also Bonine, but we always take some with us just to be safe because we prefer Bonine over Dramamine - causes us less drowsiness and dry mouth. Might be worth checking with your cruiseline, though, to see what motion sickness pill they provide because if it is Bonine, then you can get it on the ship for free. Of course, if you are prone to motion sickness, then you would want at least a couple to take prior to getting on the ship as a precautionary measure.
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