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Default Re: tip, or not to tip?

The porters are employees of the port authority and get paid very well plus what ever they get in tips, read my review on our recent Triumph sailing 12-11/ 12-18-2004 on this board.
When we arrived to the port of miami we parked directly in front of the large baggage bins that are fork lifted onto the ship and as I was putting my bags into it myself a porter ran over and started to help out than put his hand out(literally) and I handed him a $10 bill, he counted outloud in front of everyone "that is all your going to give me for 9 bags? you know you will NEVER see me again and you want all your bags don't you?"
Well all of our bags were delivered(by CCL paid employees) except 1 with my underwear, when I went to the Pursers desk and told them what he said the chief purser put out a search for it and hand delivered it himself to me about an hour later.
All was well until the end when a porter put all our bags on his cart to go to our waiting car when he saw we still had to go to customs and said " you are going to take care of me, right?" I said "ofcourse" handed him a $20 bill and he walked away saying what a cheap "bast&*$". oh well for them, next time it will be a $5 and a laugh from me.
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