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Default Re: tip, or not to tip?

frankly.....The porters can kiss my $&&. Coming from Minnesota I am simply not accustomed to, nor will I tolerate some degenerate telling me what his services are worth. If he is not able to deal with the lack of tip from me I will simply suggest the previous comment. I simply cannot beleive the story about porters I hear, it is unbeleivable!!! To give you a little insight into my previous experience I will share some of the details. So we get off the bus, and I take my bags to the porters staging area, mind you this is my first cruise and I have no idea that I am expected to tip, I hand them to the porter. The porter then turns around and puts that bags in the bin directly behind him, this took a total of 10 seconds since there were only 2 bags between my wife and I. I then walk about 25 yards towards the port building and another man grabs my arm and say that the man who took our bags has something to say to us. So we walk back to him and he asks us for his tip, I explained that I would have rather put the bags in the bin myself then had him do it and pay a tip. Keeping in mind that there is a line of about 50-75 people being held up by this conversation. He then goes on to ask if I feel "comfortable" leaving my bags with him. I said yes indeed I do. He then went on to explain the appropriate $5 per bag tip.......and then he had the gull to ask me the following....."Sir, what would you like me to do with your bags now?" I simply and quickly responded "whatever you feel fit.....SIR" and promptly showed him by back.

Thats my take on porters, if they dont like "schlepping" bags around I suggest they get a different line of work.

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