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Default Re: Where's my review?

Originally Posted by OopsieDaisy
I took an Alaskan cruise aboard the Ryndam in September '06 and posted a review when I came home. I think the review was 'fair and balanced', certainly it did not contain any objectionable content..... months later... my detailed memories have faded... I am about to book a new cruise and, just checking, went looking for my Ryndam review.... where is it? Shouldn't every submission be published if it meets the standards? We really had a good time and only had a couple of criticisms, which would have been good reading for prospective customers.
Let me forward this to our editor, Paul. I know there is a delay in posting the reviews, because they have to be properly formatted, etc., for the site. But I would think a September review should have been posted long before now.

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