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Originally Posted by cherylroy
And...truthfully, unfortunately carnival doesn't acknowledge the fact that the LENGTH of cruises should coundt instead of the DAYS for platinium status.
I totally agree!! All but the first two of my cruises prior to becoming Platinum were 7-12 days. It took me longer and much more $$ to the people who took 9 three day cruises to become Platinum. Now that we are Platinum, that leaves us nothing else to strive for. I think Carnival should switch to the number of nights on a ship, but those who have already made Platinum will be grandfathered in and remain Platinum. Adding more levels would also be a good idea. Something like Platinum at 70 nights, then levels of Platinum at like 105, 140, 175, etc... That way it takes 10 seven nights to make Platinum (or lots of short cruises or fewer longer cruises), then the next levels require 5 more 7 nighters (or combination of shorts or a couple of 14-16 nighters) to reach, and so on...

Just my two cents.

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