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Hi: Any bottles you pack in your luggage will be taken out by security and given back to you at the END of your cruise. Also with the new security rules in the US airports - you would have to pack in your checked luggage. I certainly wouldn't want to run the risk of breakage - what a mess!! You can certainly buy liquor
at your ports (we do this with our soda or pepsi as it is an extra charge on the ship) and bring on board to drink in your cabin. If you bring wine
to the table you will be charged a "corkage fee" . if bought elsewhere.

You DEFINATELY want a balcony - the sunrise and sunsets in Hawaii are
magnficent as well being able to view the islands as you approach. My
DH came down with a 'bug' on our Princess cruise in 2003 and was
quarentined to our cabin for three days - TG for the balcony or he would
have been ready for the "looney bin".

Hope to take a similar cruise in 2008 so write back with your comments.
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