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just back from pride of aloha.march 18.rented a car at every port ncl shore excursion...they use alamo...was very happy with every port except hilo.if you rent be sure to catch the 7.30 shuttle from pier to pick up car..we waited till 9.00 like they said..they only take the driver on this bus(all the other alamo buses on port took our whole group)so this became a very late start,,lines very long at alamo...then the tell us traffic is so bad after 3.30 that we have to have car back by 2.30 or 3.30 this is the only two shuttles they offer.....and this is on the north side of we beached it this day and returned car and shop in town next to pier..lots of shops right there...if you snorkle snorkle at the little inlet there the kids are swimming and people who snorkled told us it was great..we could see sea turtle from does a bad job of communicating ..yes you can keep car overnignt in kaui and maui there is free parking...cindy aloha
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