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Default Re: tip, or not to tip?

Wouldn't it be great if enough of us who have had these experiences complained to the Port Authority and something was done about it. We all share these experiences with each other and it ends there. This problem has gotten much worse since we took our first cruise 7 years ago. We never have had a problem at the Tampa port. I looked up the Miami Port Authority website and dug through the directory till I found the name and address of the Seaport Passenger Terminal Manager. I think it is better to correspond to such matters by mail and not e-mail, but I will give both of the addresses.
Paul Hinchey
Port of Miami-Dade
Administrative Offices
1015 N. America Way
2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33132

Att: Seaport Passenger Terminal Operations Manager


Anyone else with me? It will get it off your chest and it will only cost 37 cents. I think it is terrible that you have to start your vacation off worrying if your luggage is going to be
ripped up or "lost". I think they are all talk, but we shouldn't have to put up with their rudeness. I think it is a lazy way to make a living, and I'm sure the porters don't even have to report their earnings for taxes like we all do!
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