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Default Re: tip, or not to tip?

I've only had a problem with the porters once and although he should have been a responsible human being and done the right thing I also accept some of the blame. Mrs. Thomas dropped me off at the unloading spot and took the car, with the cash purse, to park the car. Well, the porter had taken our luggage out of the trunk and loaded it onto the carriage bin and when I went to tip him all the cash I had on me was $3. Embarassingly, I explained to him that was the only cash I currently had available and apologized for the low tip.

One of my bags had two mesh net type sleeves on the outside which contained my sandals. These were my favorite sandals and were very expensive. Guess what? When my bags arrived to my room one sandal was missing. I checked in lost and found throughout the cruise but I never recovered my missing sandal.

It felt weird walking around the ship with only one sandal. <g>

Thomas(who always makes sure he has $2 per bag now)
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