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Lately, because I don't like crowds, nickel and diming, lines, belly flop contests, etc., I have been taking lux lines like RSSC and Silversea when I can afford to do so -- and those times are getting further and further apart! Tips are REALLY included on these lines. I even offered a tip once for special service above and beyond duty and it was refused.

So, it is entirely possible for ANY cruise line to truly say TIPS INCLUDED, mean it, and discourage additional tipping. (Not that sham HAL used to have.) I like it this way. the guests' remedy for service that is "off" is to call the Hotel Manager. My experience is that things get right pronto. It must be recognized that not all passengers are from the US (the tipping capitol of the world) but are from countries where tipping isn't done as much -- or at all. So to expect the crew to work for tips from these folks is just flat unfair to the crew.
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