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Originally Posted by redcruzer
I was just at the store. I only found LESS drowsy bonine. There was no NON drowsy formula. Is there such a thing? I would be great to have a total non drowsy pill.
We walk up to the Wal-mart Pharmacy window and ask for their Generic Brand Bonine. You have to ask the Pharmacist and they only have it behind the counter. You get 100 tablets for around $10.00!!!!! (Better then paying $6-8 for 10 - 20 tablets!) There is the Wal-mart brand out on the shelf, but it still cost more then what is behind the counter.

Bonine is one of the Brand Names for the drug Meclizine Hydrochloride. With Meclizine, you don't get AS drowsy as the "other" stuff.
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