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Let me clarify that tipping on mass market lines isn't the reason I don't like them. It's all the restrictions, crowds, lines, other nickel and diming that drove me away. Actually, any mass market cruise line could add $100 per week to the fare pp per week and go "tips included" (REALLY), and I doubt that anybody would be put off by it. The service crew would be protected from "cheap skates" and persons from countries where tipping isn't customary, and everybody would be happy.

Given a choice only between auto tipping and tip envelopes at cruise end, I'd take auto tipping. I don't like to carry much cash on vacation, so auto tipping is a help. Personally, I've never tipped less than the recommended amount (usually more) on ships where tipping was expected. If I encounter a service problem on a "tipping line" (or a "tips included line) my response is the same. Contact the Hotel Director and get the matter resolved. My response has never been to withhold tips.
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