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Default Carnival Conquest May 6 Partner?? ASAP

Hello I'm a veteran cruiser, this will be my fourth on Carnival. I'm 44 years old hetero male professional.

Unfortunately I don't have any friends that share my love of cruising and I have an opportunity to take this cruise on May 6, but of course the old single occupancy thing kicks it up to be unaffordable.

With double occ it's 579 for a day which seems like an OK deal to me. Anyone game for a partner? I'd need a decision really fast because my company is antsy about buying my ticket now for a biz trip to Galveston and I need to state my return date, I was hoping to shove this cruise in at the end of the biz trip.

Carnival used to hook singles up with partners, I traveled twice in the past with a stranger and it was perfectly acceptable for me. In both cases we chose to do separate activities during the cruise so we only saw each other at meals and at bedtime, I go to bed fairly early so I was always asleep when he came in and went to bed, and he was always sound asleep when I got up so it was almost a nonissue to be in the room with a stranger.

I'm ok with doing activities with a group or a partner, but I usually like to do my own thing depending on my mood so it's hard to make plans with me.

Anyway I thought I'd take a chance here, Carnival booking agent was kind enough to recommend the site when she informed me they no longer hook singles up like they used to.

Seems like they've gotten more and more restrictive, I read that they don't even allow you to carry on soda pop or water even now, that's kind of a bummer.
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