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Originally Posted by BornOnJuly4th
Originally Posted by ThePrinceofDorks
believe it or not, 'tis very easy to bring liquors on the cruise. Don't make an easy task into complex task.
Yes, it is very easy to bring liquor on a cruise. I have done it in the past. That wasn't what I was stating.

Cruise lines are starting to really crack down on bringing it onboard in every imaginable way and they know how we're smuggling it in. The policies and search procedures will only get stricted and stricter, I have to say.
Yes they are, I just read on another board where people in 4 of 5 cabins had their liquor taken before it every reached the cabin. The board I read this on did not say which cruiseline but I have read that Carnival is really cracking down to the point where you can't even bring water or softdrinks.
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