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Keith Bernhardt
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Default Re: worst vacation ever

Did you travel with kids ? How old were they ?

Where at Disney did you stay ?

As for Vegas I haven't been in about 10 years.

I understand Vegas was building up to be a family sty;e destination, but a friend of mine who goes there quite frequently, said they'rre dropping (or considering ) dropping the family style image for vacation place.

I am in the travel business. I believe Disney is such an enormous place, that if you travel
with children, I really believe you get your money's worth and have a good vacation, if you take them when they're old enough to appreciate it (7 or 8 on wards.)

The thing is, what I've heard and understood, is people take really young children for a week down there. The kids(ages 2 or 3) see Mickey Mouse for 20 minutes and are ready to go

I am not being critical and or judgmental, because I do not know the facts of your situation.

I am just passing on some observations I have experienced from my 20 yearsin the travel industry.

am j
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