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Anytime our people are over their laying their lives on the line....I get a LOT patriotic! I support our military and the military presence of those countries "who have our back", because not too many ever step up to the plate.

I may not be a big presidential decision maker, or top military brass. I may or may not agree with decisions being made regarding the entire war. However, I WILL support the men and women who are fighting for democracy, freedom, the American Way and ultimately, everyone's right to disagree with whomever or whatever they so choose.

Luanne's husband is coming home. Anyone who has had a family member over there (ours returned right after Katrina) can tell you there are a lot of things happening that are never reported, for whatever reason. Luanne is getting the facts from her husband, who obviously is telling her the truth.

Argue all you want about the right or wrong of the war, just support the people who are doing the dirty work!

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you may as well dance!
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