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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
So now you are a commander!! Aidan, My point is that unless you have clear knowledge of what is going on, it is difficult to debate.

Yes, I would love to see them all come home. But, if they do, then the bad guys will come with them. This war is so much more than the Iraq people, and it's country. It is being in the middle of a huge terror organization. We keep them busy there, then they are less likely to show up in yours or my back yard.

As for your reference seeing Elvis and space people. How old were you in the late 70's? Do you know that these captives were held for 444 days.
I hope that you are never interrogated for anything, but if you were, do you not think that you would remember their faces. There was another man on TV tonight who was also held. They asked him the same thing, and he said that yes this man was one of the one's who tried to get answers from them.

Sweetie, I'll bet you are a very nice person, and you mean well, but the facts speak for themselves.
I don't appreciate any hostility or condescension ("So now you are a commander!!" "Sweetie . . .")

If you truly value facts, then leave emotion out of it and argue facts. We are in a foreign civil war. We can't win. This is the longest conflict in America's history, other than Vietnam. It is not yet the most expensive (in real dollars), but probably will end up surpassing WWII, as President Bush is demanding billions and billions more to support the Shiites. Or is it the Sunnis? Well, whichever, it is gonna be long and expensive and is decreasing American security, not helping. I'm not willing to sacrifice more American's for another country's conflict AND weaken America at the same time.

Cheers, Aidan
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