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Default Re: CARNIVAL PARADISE Feb 28th

Hi Kent,

The only shore excursion we have is golf in Ensenda. I am not a golfer, so I hope to drive the cart for my husband and our friends, if the price is right (was advised that it might be $40 to ride to the course and then ride in the cart while they golf). I just want to hang out with them while they golf and enjoy the day. If I don't go golfing, not sure what I will do. Not excited about hanging out by myself, but also not keen on going ashore by myself. Do you have any shore excursions planned?

As far a drinks go, you should probably bring your own to ensure you plenty on your trip, after ours. I understand the drink of the day is very good. Looking forward to trying that each day. Also, with us having a balcony, looking forward to sitting back, relaxing with a drink in my hand, and watching the day go by.

Have a great criuse! Counting the days!

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