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Default Review on Cave Tubing in Belize

I found this post on cave tubing in Belize, and it's worth copying here, as the contributor reflects my feelings in a batter way than I could write them:

Day 3: 2006 Mother/Daughter Cruise
This Place was Great; guides were the very best.
We had a super day in Belize! We went on a private excursion through Major Tom Greenwood's company. We were met at the pier by our guide - a totally dapper, charming, native Belizean who'd traveled all over. He drove us in an air conditioned van to the site and introduced us to our cave guide. We got our gear and off we went for a nice, non-strenuous hike through the rainforest. Finally, we came to the cave entrance and into the water we went! Mom was a real trooper, overcoming her serious water fears and hanging in there throughout the day! After the ride through the caves and down the river (bottoms up!), we had a leisurely stroll back to the site. Once there, we were treated to a traditional Belizean BBQ lunch - yum! A super day overall!!! Find this great company at GREENWOOD ADVENTURES BELIZE (

NOTE: I used a disposable water proof camera that day and have yet to get the film processed and put on disk. I will post pics once I do that.
This entry is part of the trip itinerary 2006 Mother/Daughter Cruise
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