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Default Re: Alaska Southbound-starboard or port?


Originally Posted by You
Cruising from Seward to Vancouver, I know you won't see
as much coastline if you're on starboard, but is that a big
mistake to book that side of the ship? Do you really miss alot of
seeing Alaska? I'm on the SUMMIT
Fundamentally, the answer depends upon whether you intend to hang out in your cabin most of the cruise or be out and about the ship, using the cabin primarily as a place to sleep, shower, change clothes, and stow your belongings. For those of us who do the latter, the location of our cabins -- and even the type of cabin (i. e. inside, outside, balcony, or suite) does not really matter. For folks who hang out in their cabins, missing out on all of the "action" happening throughout the ship, OTOH, these factors are everything.

Anyway, the ship has plenty of open rails, both topside and on the promenades, and plenty of lounges with huge windows that are ideal for viewing Alaskan scenery.

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