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Default Re: Attire on Smart Casual Evening


Originally Posted by You
I have checked and the cruise answer book and they do not make it clear on the attire. They say" Skirts/Dresses and sweaters for ladies" They also mention "evening dresses" What is an evening dress? I think its a black dress (cocktail dress) but I need that for the formal dinner. So are you able to wear summer dresses? Please help me out!!
Princess started using the term "smart casual" about six or seven years ago because a lot of passengers misconstrued the term "casual" to mean that jeans and "T" shirts were okay. The explanation of "smart casual" evening attire in Princess's revised "Cruise AnswerBook" is exactly the same as the explanation of "casual" evening attire in the previous edition. The new term seems to be an effort to get the attention of the clueless, which probably is an exercise in futility in any case. The adjective "smart" in this context has no meaning whatsoever in traditional social etiquette, though I have seen a contemporary manual of social etiquette that attempted to distinguish between various variations of "casual" ("smart casual," "business casual," "country club casual," etc.).

Anyway, an "evening dress" is a full length formal dress that would be way too dressy for a "casual" (or "smart casual") evening. And an evening dress need not be black.

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