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Default Yet another Fun Ship Dollars question :)

I just obtained some Fun Ship dollars from someone who is going to be unable to use them before they expire. I've two simple questions, which I'm sure have been answered countless times on this board before, but I'm lazy...

1). Do these have to be mailed in as they state, or can I show up at the pursers desk, wait in line, and have them applied there to my account as onboard credit?

2). On the back of the 'dollar' it states: "When used as onboard credit, it cannot be used to pay for gratuties." Is this accurate? I was under the assumption that many of you fund your entire cruise and onboard 'activities' entirely with funship dollars before even stepping onboard. Judging by this, though, it can be used toward everything except tips. Is this just one of those rules that goes unfollowed?

3). I will receive a check attached to my bill on the final day for any remaining balance on my S&S account, even if that balance was funded by Fun Ship Dollars, correct?
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