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Default Taking prescription meds on board

Yes! it's true I have yet another question I as well as my daughters have diabetes that require the use of insulin injections as well as pills. My question is are there any restrictions on how you bring your medication and or supplies on the ship (IE. needles,prescription bottles,ETC) We have a lot of supplies that we have to take with us. I have a letter from my daughters doctor stating what the have and what they need. I do not have one for myself. I don't take injections but I have a lot of pills I have to take everyday they are all in prescription bottles and my name is on them is that OK or do I have to do something else with them? Sorry about all the questions but as we get closer to leaving (4/7/07) I keep thinking of even more questions to ask. The worst thing my wife showed me on the computer was the cruise mates message boards.I can't wait to get back so I can write about what I thought of my first cruise experience. On a more serious note you guys have all been awesome with answering all of my questions (and there have been a lot) It was very appreciated.Hopefully I will be able to answer some other first time cruisers questions in the future.
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