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The Temsco helo folks were great. We went last summer out of Juneau
to Mendenhall Glacier with them. They run everyone through a short
video of what to do and what is going to happen. They then issue
overboots with ice cleets to everyone. They were very necessary up on the Glacier. They flew in formation (4 other helo's) and landed on top of the Glacier, droping us off and picking up the group before us. A very efficient way to get people on and off, without having to shut down the helo. We had 45 minutes + and were given a tour and a very informative talk about what we were seeing.

I think the best part was that earlier in the day we went on the bus tour to the base of the glacier in the state park. Two great perspectives.. Dress in warm cloths, we were there in Mid July and with a bit of wind in the afternoon blowing across the giant ice cube it gets cold...

Enjoy the flight, its worth the money for something you'll never forget!!! 8)
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