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Default Re: Mandatory service fees, who is geting the money?

Originally Posted by knoxie2
.......I don’t think so How can this be legal? It is certainly not morally right that monies collected by the company as service fee for the staff should be then kept by the company. Is this not taking money under false pretences?
It may not be moral, but it is legal. The company and staff have entered into a contract which as you pointed out in your post defines the salary process. It might not be fair but it is legal.

Originally Posted by knoxie2
.......The next time you are on a Costa cruise and you want to show your appreciation for good service to the staff, I suggest you let the company know how you feel about this Mandatory service fee and ask them how your tip is distributed. Maybe if enough people complain, the staff will have a better chance of getting the money that we the cruising public leave for them.
This would work but I would even suggest a better way. Have folks refuse to work for Costa if this is how they actually treat their employees. If some or more employees would refuse to work for them then I can tell you for sure the wages will increase.

By the way I do leave my suggested tip, servcie charge, in place and I do tip additional.

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