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Very true. I shop differently depending on the cost of items. If I plan to buy something expensive (by my standards ), I spend a tad more to go to recommended shops. If I want a nice bit of slver or something fairly inexpensive, I do mom and pop stores. It depends on how much it will hurt if it turns out bogus. Actually, have never had that happen, oddly enough. A few years ago, my hubby drew my attention to a street vendor who had a huge necklace of amber. He wanted $200. Now, I love amber, but just wasn't going to drop that much without any clue as to authenticity. I kept saying no, vendor kept coming down in price, finally, he got so desperate for a sale, he said $40. I bought it. Tested it as soon as I got home and it was real. Actually felt a little guilty for a minute, but decided to get over it!
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