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Default Pride of Hawaii

Just got of the POH. The ship is nice and the itinerary is good. You will need a car in Maui to make the most of that island. We had the lowest grade Penthouse,8130, on the back of the ship and the room was very nice. We had a butler and conceirgie (sp) service. OUr room steward was new but very attentative and good. These people made our sailing very enjoyable. By having a room on the back, we were able to see both sides when we did the coast and two views of the lava flowing.
My only regret with the trip was getting the airfare with NCL. I highly suggest that you get your own and spend time in Honolulu before or after. NCL air department makes no attempt to accomodate your request nor do they have concern for your schedule.

This was a much anticipated cruise that did not meet my expectations. I am not putting the blame on NCL completely because now I know I needed to take a more proactive part in assuring an enjoyable time by doing extensive preplanning beginning with making my own air arrangements.

The POH is a beautiful ship. Freestyle is what you make it and it too takes planning. I have been on 23 cruises and this was my first NCL and I probably will not be doing another NCL again anytime soon. I like Holland American, Royal Car, Princess and Carnvial much better. The entertainment is lacking on NCL and the activities on the ship are almost non-existent. But, a always a cruise is what we make it.
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