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Default Re: First Cruise Questions

Originally Posted by kimber30152
My daughter and I are taking our first cruise June 3. She has booked a penthouse suite on the NCL Sun and we have a couple questions.
For out shipboard expenses can we secure it with one credit card for the both of us?
And, what is suggested for tipping the butler and concierge that apparently come with our room?
Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated.
Kim, welcome to the board, we are here to answer any questions you have plus learn from each other. Yes, you can charge all your on board expenses to one card or each put up a card. As for the butler and Concierge this is a very interesting, often asked question with no right answer. We have never had the butler, but have had a Conciergne three times; our tips have gone from nothing to $75.00 depending on the need and service. On Celebrity he came by, introduced himself and that was it. Why would we tip him? On the Sun, the first time we had one he made reservations for us in a speicalty restaurant and of course met us and excorted us off the ship when in port: he certainly deserved something. Our third one, met with us the first evening, told us how to get ahold of him, called or stopped by each day, excorted us to dinner each night and helped us plan a wonderful shore excursion. On our last day he escorted us off the ship, to our luggage and even picked our out for us. Probably $75 wasn't even enough. DD has had a butler twice and never knows what to give cause she doesn't use them. She says she can unpack her own stuff, pack it back up and doesn't really need him or not often anyway.
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