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Hey Luanne,

Bet you're glad hubby is home! Rescue hasn't pi$$ed anyone off laely. That's only because he hasn't been online. He's too busy putting in pools and landscaping....and booking another cruise!

Hey James,

Have you taken a break from housecleaning?

Hey all the HIH crew!

I spent my day shopping with DD! She is taking her senior pics tomorrow. We had to cancel previous appointment due to her accident, so we are rushed for time! The darling angel managed to siphon a GOOD chunk of change from me! The daily total had a comma in it.

I find it hard to say no because she looks so cute in everything. She is completely outfitted for the pictures, her spring break trip (that she just told me about....Gulf Shores, AL) and the cruise!

She might have to get a couple pairs of shoes, but she can use HER money for that!

Oh well, gotta get to the tanning salon!

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you may as well dance!